Fallen Ash
      allen Ash Farm was founded by the Grayson family in 1979 with the purchase of one small mare named My Friend Daisy for two-year-old Kim Grayson.   With the interest of having a business that included the entire family, a small selective breeding program was begun, and the rest has become history.       The horses of Fallen Ash Farm are recognized world wide for their consistency in type, their natural brilliant attitude, and their success at the national show level.   What sets the achievements for this farm apart from many is that by most standards the core herd of horses is quite small.       The central philosophy of the farm is that success can be achieved in other ways besides just breeding a large number of horses in an attempt to increase the odds of getting a good one.  In the same vein, concentrating on these other objectives can greatly increase profitability.

Consulting Service
    Since the foundation of our farm over thirty-five years ago, we have accumulated an abundance of knowledge and experience in breeding miniature horses. Some of this information has come from educational opportunities but most has been gathered the old fashioned way--through years of hands-on hard work accompanied by an element of natural ability and aptitude. We have also had the privilege of working with some excellent vets over the years.

Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a consult. This can be an actual farm visit or just a prearranged phone call. We can help you set realistic goals tailored to your individual operation and budget as well as answer questions regarding breeding, foaling and other aspects of the business.

All consultations are completely confidential.

Debbie Grayson
6435 Concord Rd. Alexandria, OH 43001